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Beth Sorger, LCSW, EFT-ADV

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Uses for EFT

Extensive application of EFT has shown impressive improvements with a wide variety of issues, including those listed below:

Personal Performance                       Emotional Challenges
Professional goals                                 Stress, anxiety, phobias
Public speaking                                    Relationship issues
Job interviews                                     Depression, feeling overwhelmed
Sports performance                              Insomnia, nightmares
Weight loss                                         Panic attacks
Self-confidence                                   Traumatic memories
                                                        Addictions, overeating
Physical Issues                                  Sexual abuse
Allergies                                             Obsessions, compulsions
Migraines                                            Procrastination
Fatigue                                               Poor grades
Fibromyalgia                                        Grief, loss, pet loss
Pain management                         
           Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



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