Tap and Thrive!

Beth Sorger, LCSW, EFT-ADV

For sessions and training, call 845-353-6373

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Upcoming Training

There will be a Level 1 & 2 training June 7-9, 2014
in Nyack NY...please see EFT Level 1&2 Training page 

From time to time, I offer workshops on various topics.  For those certified in EFT, these will meet requirements for AAMET CPDs www.AAMET.org.

Past workshops have included: 

Tap Away Extra Weight with EFT
Tap Away Stress with EFT
Tap Away Pain with EFT
Tap Into Abundance with EFT
Tap into Empowerment & Joy with EFT
EFT: A Parent's Best Friend

Rockland County, NY (near NYC & Westchester)

*Please contact me if interested in attending or sponsoring a future workshop*

 To find out about other current workshops please go to
 www.EFTUnited.com and www.AAMET.org 

And EFT Training, Workshop
and Teleclass Directory

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