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Beth Sorger, LCSW, EFT-ADV

For sessions and training, call 845-353-6373

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I am currently accepting new clients by phone, Skype and in the Nyack office.  Availability in the Union Square (NYC) office is limited, but does become available.

For your convenience, appointments may be made by phone or by Skype with video.  Most people who have worked wtih me have found that phone and Skype sessions are as effective as in-person sessions.  In-person appointments can be made for those near or traveling to Nyack or Manhattan, NY.

Note about insurance reimbursements: because I am licensed in the State of New York, those seeing me in New York State are usually able to receive an insurance reimbursement after submitting their receipts to their out-of-network plan administrator.  When working out of state by phone or Skype, I work as a coach rather than under the NY license.

To find out more about how EFT can help you, call for a free 20 minute consultation or appointment: 845-353-6373. 

Or email Beth@TapAndThrive.com.

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